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I offer a wide range of photographic services at affordable rates.

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Ian Humes Photography


My creativity and workflow are influenced by over 25 years of photographic experience and over 20 years of working in the architectural field. This allows me to produce images and documentation that reduces or even totally negates problems usually experienced by graphic artists producing photomontages.

My images are produced using professional digital cameras and lenses to deliver crystal-clear photographs that jump right off the page.

Images can be provided in the classic 3:2 ratio as seen in my portfolio, wide-angle panoramic images can be produced (including to the requirements as specified in the London View Management Framework) or for a more interactive experience spherical panoramas and virtual tours are available.

Architectural Tilt-Shift Photography

Working closely with surveyors I can supply Verified View (VV) / Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) images for planning applications or non-verified images for proof of concept artwork or advertising. Tilt-Shift lenses create images without the keystoning that usually happens when you look up at a tall building. When used correctly they take the guesswork out of Visually Verified Montages (VVM) and create a reproducible image that is suitable for verification. Using normal lenses (non Tilt-Shift) and correcting for perspective as part of the post-processing is inaccurate and not considered Best Practice. Images created are compliant with the Landscape Institute GLVIA (3rd edition 2013), Visual Representation of Development Proposals TGN 06/19 and the London View Management Framework Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Wide-Angle Panoramic Photography

Stitched wide-angle panoramic images are also available if you need to show the building in its full context, these can be created by using a wide range of lenses depending on the vertical field of view required by the panorama. Low light and after dark images can also be created if required. When creating the raw files for use with Renewable Energy Visual Impact Assessment applications we follow the equipment requirements listed in the relevant guides which usually means using a 50mm lens which produces images that are 26.4ºx39.6º (50mm lens portrait) or 39.6ºx26.4º (50mm lens landscape). These can be stitched to create cylindrical panoramic images and are created following Best Practice procedures gathered from the numerous guidelines and years of photographic experience.

Spherical Photography

To complement the classic photography that is available I also offer Spherical Panoramas so instead of just looking at the chosen view you can look around and see what's over your head, under your feet or even behind you. Linking multiple spherical panoramas together creates a virtual tour allowing you to move around the building and view it from different locations. For an example of a complete virtual tour see the G Live tour which includes a map of the site and views available, a list of facilities, contact details for the venue and information about the current room, its uses and hire rates.

The majority of projects are produced to very tight deadlines and final images can be supplied within a few days of the contract being signed (weather permitting).

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I ensure that no matter what size the company or contract, whether it be a single shoot for a small business or a week-long contract for an international company, the same high quality attention to detail service is provided.

For some very diverse examples please take a look at my portfolio. Here are a few samples:

The Queen`s House - Greenwich

Arches at The Queen's House in Greenwich.

Image Copyright Ian Humes

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If you've looked through my site and have any questions, I'd be glad to help you. You can contact me on my mobile on 07801 103635 or send me an E-mail and I will get back to you as soon as I can.